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Night Guards & Sports Guards

We agree with the saying ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. We want to help you protect your pearly whites!

Night Guards

Bruxism (grinding of the teeth) and clenching of the teeth can lead to headaches and facial pain, and develops powerful, over-active chewing muscles. This can lead to chipped, cracked, and worn teeth and problems with the jaw joint. Often people are not aware of this habit as it occurs most often while we are asleep.

Night guards can be used to protect the teeth from wear, relax the chewing muscles, and take stress off of the jaw joint to help relieve and prevent facial pain.


Sports Guards

Our custom-fit sports guards are more effective, durable and comfortable than the alternative ‘boil-and-bite’ mouth guards that you may have tried in the past. This increases the likelihood that you will actually wear them to properly protect your smile!

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