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Orthodontic Treatment

We are pleased to be able to offer orthodontic treatment at the Stirling Dental Centre, including the most advanced system of braces on the market – LightForce Braces.


What are LightForce Braces?

The World’s First 3D Printed Braces

The technology used by LightForce is the first of its kind, and has truly revolutionizes the field of orthodontics.

The initial position of your teeth are captured using an intraoral scanner. Digitally, your teeth are placed into the optimal position both aesthetically and functionally. LightForce Braces brackets are then designed and printed from this prescription using a 3D printer to create a fully customized set of braces, as unique to each patient as their fingerprint.

Custom braces allows for efficient, predictable results; shorter treatment times; less appointments; and an overall more comfortable patient experience.

Patients love the white brackets, which blend with your natural tooth and can be camouflaged using clear elastics, or dressed up with fun colours.


LightForce Braces vs. Traditional Braces

Traditional metal braces are pre-fabricated. Every patient receives the same set of brackets in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, so more time has to be spent re-positioning brackets, bending wires, and using other tools to adapt the brackets to suit your teeth. It’s like buying a suit off the rack and having to adjust it to fit you.

There is nothing wrong with this approach and it is still commonly used. However, LightForce braces eliminates much of the fine-tuning during treatment. This results in a more efficient and accurate result, shorter overall treatment time, and a better patient experience! 


The LightForce Advantage

Digital Impressions – no uncomfortable impressions are required

Technology – 3D printed brackets are more accurate than traditional injection-molded metal brackets

Digital Planning – More accurate, reliable treatment results

Customization – ‘One size fits one’ approach using a customized bracket system improves the accuracy of the final result

Less Appointments – Less adjustments are typically required, which means fewer appointments and less time away from work and school

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